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October 27 2014

i was gonna put eridan somewhere in that picture but then i was like

control urself viccy and now here we are

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summer au where feferi gets a job at a cafe, on a probably mostly nudist beach, with her best pals vriska and nepeta

i’m srry i literally came up with this just so id have an excuse to draw mostly naked girls in roller blades, with lots of tan-lines, in the not so distant future.

sollux captor probably has a whole folder full of furry bee porn on his computer tbh

October 26 2014

so many things i want to draw, but so little motivation

trying to work then suddenly thinking about gross erifef smut things like


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drawing for fefairi!!

(full size)

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tijuana bible pt. 3

happy halloween! i love writing this shitty tijuana bible dialogue

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~Oodie-gay, oodie-gay!~

October 25 2014


following a friend’s nsfw blog


im thinking about possibly only tagging for fandom/ship on stuff i post from now on and just using ‘nsfw reblog’ for reblogs

have to make special tags for w/e i post so theres tags where ppl dont have to wade through reblogs to find stuff is getting kind of tiresome lmao
not to mention using a million tags on stuff, (and i mean just the tags for organizing, not tags gushing about the pic bcause those are very important lmao), feels rly silly a lot of time.
idk hm

October 24 2014

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look at these over-a-year-old warm-up flexineps i did

this is mainly to remind myself that i rly need to draw flexineps again 

October 23 2014

ok so im not feeling so hot about this halloween jade pic anymore lmao, (trying to find the right colors is driving me up the wall but anyway), heres a preview of what i got so far;

lemme know i guess if u think i should finish or not

cue obligatory questions marks in 3 2 1 - ????

all my nsfw art more like:

8addragon replied to your post:


[jash voice] give me the dragonfucks

sometimes i’m like ‘haha thats a weird thing’

but then i remember i covered an entire canvas in sketches of redglare fucking a dragon and realize i am also part of the ‘thats a weird thing’ crowd

October 22 2014

i was working on my halloween jade and, unsurprisingly, forgot i had turned off the main line-art layer and wound up startling myself after going back to the canvas to just find this:


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Part of the August patreon art pack.

futa version here


If you like my art and you would like to support me, you can do it on patreon or by donating. Every bit is highly appreciated, thank you! <3

god what the hell im really bored

October 21 2014

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October 20 2014

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