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November 19 2014

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this was gonna be an ask response for one of those ‘remove your clothes’ types or asks or w/e but i dont know if ill ever finish it so i figured id post the sketches in case i delete them later.

inb4 anyone asks: they were doing a webcam show which is why i made a ‘connection interrupted’ joke

November 17 2014

its fucking frigid outside and yet i have like three pics of girls in wet t-shirts to finish

November 16 2014

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bunch of close-ups of current wips to keep the real goods still a surprise

theres a bunch more than these as well but this is enough to show im always working on making stuff for this blog..im just very slow lmfao

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what if i said i was doing lil nsfw scribbles of some naruto girls..

November 10 2014

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just a couple of young ladies wrestling with their tentacle dicks

November 08 2014

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i realized id never drawn terezi before so i sketched this real quick to remedy that

November 07 2014

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November 05 2014

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~Oh yeah, Mario Time!~

November 04 2014

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Man I’m so mad I don’t have a thicker marker to do this 8(

I drew fefairi’s nymph Feferi!!! I hope u like!!!!

November 02 2014

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fefairi’s sunkissed cafe au

aka wide hips and thick thighs practice

October 31 2014

okay so, would you guys mind if i posted the halloween nsfw pics ive been working on a little while after halloween

cause there just aint no way im finishing those by tonight, and idk if its weird to post holiday stuff after the holiday haha

October 30 2014

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a short sketch animation for fefairi's new SunKissed Cafe

I’ll finish it once it’s fleshed out s’more

October 28 2014

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Bah!! my weakness to make multiple versions of pics!~
this drained me~ lol
well enjoy some Dualscar/Mindfang shenanigans~


people commenting in tags on your art


people leaving excited comments in tags on your art


8addragon replied to your post: ok nude cafe au is officially gonna be…


this shit right here

i am weak willed but i rule my trash heap with pride

ok nude cafe au is officially gonna be tagged under/called Sunkissed Cafe now

thank u guys for the help!

October 27 2014

send me asks asking about my ridiculous nude cafe au 

i wanna talk about dumb ideas and also find a staple name for it so i can stop calling it nude cafe au LMAO

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summer au where feferi gets a job at a cafe, on a probably mostly nudist beach, with her best pals vriska and nepeta

i’m srry i literally came up with this just so id have an excuse to draw mostly naked girls in roller blades, with lots of tan-lines, in the not so distant future.



sollux captor probably has a whole folder full of furry bee porn on his computer tbh




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